Many mental and behavioral health issues can be prevented through care management.

What do we mean by Care Management?

This is a step beyond emotional support and de-escalation. With care management we focus on the individual through wellness check-ins and follow-up calls to make sure they are using resources to help them, attending all doctor appointments, and following their care plan.
Proper care management means…

  • Decrease in admission to the ER by stabilizing crises and getting people to outpatient services
  • Reduction of superfluous diagnostic tests
  • Consistent visits to primary care physicians and medication control

The benefits of telephonic behavioral health care management include:

  • Improved patient outcomes
  • Reduced behavioral health costs
  • Prevention of future crises

Focused on the Person
Through wellness check-ins and follow-ups, care management helps to ensure patients adhere to their care plan. With care management, we are able to identify and overcome barriers that patients may face for receiving services much more effectively; as well as, help to ensure patients are utilizing community resources and attending their doctor appointments.


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