• What would my donation go to?

    When you make a donation to CIC all of the funds stay within the center.  Your donation will go towards supporting our mission which is to offer prevention, intervention and postvention services that provide support in times of crisis and reduce the impact of suicide in the community.  Since CIC does not receive any federal, state, or local government funding, all of our programs such as THE PHONE, SOS, and TLS are all highly reliant on fundraising efforts and private donations.

  • How can we help to raise money for the center?

    You can help raise money for the Center through private donations, bake sales, benefit walks, or any other form of fundraising.  A business can also specify a certain day where a percentage of sales go towards CIC or even participate in underwriting a specific program.

  • Are you interested in partnerships with other fundraising organizations?

    Yes, CIC is always open to exploring different means of fundraising.  Please contact us for more details.