Our mission at CIC has always been to provide prevention, intervention, and post-vention services in response to crises in our communities.

But what is a crisis exactly?

Though THE PHONE was created in 1970 with a focus on suicide prevention, we at CIC recognize that the human condition involves encounters with various crises every single day. Suicide prevention remains an enormous part of our work at CIC. However, we are also here to provide emotional support and resources for the many other struggles people face in their life.

Crisis is self-defined, but it is also time-limited. A crisis is a situation in which a person finds themselves in danger, distress, or urgent need in relation to their current environment, situation, or experiences. These can be physical experiences, psychological, or emotional.

Faces of Crisis is an initiative we have put forth to share with you the faces and stories of our callers and the various crises we are here to support you in. Whatever your crisis may be, we are available, 24/7 to answer your call, to listen, and to connect you to the best options for you at THE PHONE and our other services.

We at CIC also hope that through this initiative, we might show that everyone, everywhere struggles with something. Everyone needs help sometimes, even if that help is simply a listening ear. By starting a conversation on crisis, we hope to normalize the issues faced by individuals every day and to continue to develop new ways to support each other.

Though many of the crises we deal with and illustrate below are related to mental illness, we would like to emphasize that we at CIC are not mental health professionals and do not diagnose mental illness. We can, however, help you deal with your current crisis and connect you to the appropriate mental health professionals if need be. 









The protection of our callers’ anonymity and conversations is of utmost priority. These statements are fictional excerpts created based on the general concerns addressed through crisis intervention.