High Level of Support

At CIC, we ensure that all our crisis intervention specialists (CIS) and staff are fully equipped and knowledgeable for any situation. Our crisis specialists complete 70+ hours of training and fulfill 108 hour commitment.

They are even required to go through a nationally recognized Certification Program developed by CIC.

Even after rigorous training courses, CIS are provided a high level of clinical oversight. Our clinical team trains, supervises, and monitors the clinical soundness of the contact center 24/7. The clinical staff reviews all crisis calls and gives constructive feedback and problem solves to find ways to enhance counselor skills.

Intervention Works! Here’s proof:

Callers at risk for suicide are assessed using an Evidence Based Best Practice Risk Assessment tool.

Successful intervention of suicide ideation 92%

Only 8% of callers assessed for suicide required activation of Emergency Services. Most callers just need someone to listen.

Call Center Service Levels

Call Volume for the Past 3 Years (Less than 3% abandonment rate each year!)

Don’t let the decreased volume fool you! More people are reaching out via online chat than ever before. In fact, 70% of people under 30 years old will contact us via Text or Chat.

Ask us how you can incorporate online or text based services.